Cakes & Cupcakes

Our cakes are one of a kind, edible works of art. We are passionate about making cakes that are special, unique, and always delicious. Our cakes bring joy and that “WOW” factor to every party. It may just be the only decoration you’ll need!

Cake Pricing

  • 4” SIMPLE $25 CUSTOM $35 (no fondant covered) 
  • 6” 10-12 Servings  SIMPLE $40 CUSTOM $60
  • 8” 20-25 Servings SIMPLE $50 CUSTOM $75
  • 10” 35-40 Servings SIMPLE $60 CUSTOM $ 90
  • Two Tier 40-50 Servings SIMPLE $150 CUSTOM$200
  • Two Tier 60-70 Servings SIMPLE $190 CUSTOM $250
  • Three Tier or Larger 80+ Servings SIMPLE $5 per serving CUSTOM $7 per serving
  • 2D Sculpted Cakes Start at $100 minimum 20 Servings (please inquire with images)
  • 3D Sculpted Cakes start at $300 minimum 30 Servings (please inquire with images)
  • Sculpted Figures & Sugar Flowers $10-$15 each (please inquire with images)

How To Order

  • Contact us at least 1-2 weeks prior to your event for cake inquiries.  All cakes are first paid, first saved, so the sooner you finalize your order the better! 
  • If your not sure what you want, but know you want to secure your date with us, you can pay a $25 non refundable deposit, then your remainder details can be worked out and paid for no later than Tuesday the week of your event.
  • We have three ways to pay: over the phone, in the store, or an emailed invoice. 
  • We are a small boutique bakery so our space is limited and we like to dedicate quality time to each order. It’s never too early to order a cake, but it can be too late! 


We bake our cupcakes fresh every day, and our menu rotates monthly. Our cupcakes come in two sizes minis and bigs. For special orders you can customize the color and design of certain flavors but some flavors cannot be customized due to ingredients in the frostings. If you would like a favor not on our monthly bake schedule a minimum order of one dozen is required.

Cupcake Pricing

  • Mini Single $2
  • Mini Four pack $6
  • Mini Dozen $15
  • Mini Party Tray $50 (48 mini cupcakes on a silver platter, up to 3 flavors)
  • Big Single $4
  • Big Four pack $15
  • Big Dozen $36
  • Mini fondant toppers .50 each (simple shapes only)
  • Big fondant toppers 1.00-2.00 each (please inquire with images)

How To Order

Contact us at least 24 hours in advance to place your cupcake order. Only customized cupcake orders must be paid for in advance. 

Cake Pops, Cookies, & More

We offer an assortment of other tasty treats, including decorated sugar cookies and customizable cake pops. Although these items can be customized we do have some limitations as to what we can do to them so please inquire with one of our decorators before placing your order. 

Cake Pops, Cookies, & More Pricing

  • Cake pop $2.50 each $20 per dozen
  • Sugar Cookie $3.00 each $30 per dozen
  • Monster Cookie $2.50 each $25 per dozen
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.50 each $15 per dozen
  • Bella Bar $2.50 each
  • Coconut Macaroon $2.50 each
  • French Macarons $2.50 each

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