Our Staff

Kayla the Boss Lady

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Churro De Leche
Favorite Holiday: Easter

Fun Fact: I know every line from every single episode of Friends. I drive my team crazy with my daily “Friends Quotes”! 

Carrie the Manager

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Lavender Lemon
Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Fun Fact: I own over 700 books and my dream is to someday have a library with a rolling ladder in it!

Ivy the Artist

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Any GF cake without frosting
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Fun Fact: I do artwork on the side, my work has been featured at some local coffee shops, you can find me on instagram @luna_lux_art

Mike the Baker

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Grasshopper!
Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Fun Fact: My childhood dream job was to be a dentist, now I’m basically the exact opposite thing!

Karen the To-Do’er

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite Holiday: National Waffle Day (8/24)
Fun Fact: I’m a movie theater connoisseur, I go to the movies at least 5 days a week!

Michaela the Closer

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Cookies n’ Scream
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Fun Fact: I love to travel and to do yoga wherever I go!

Hannah the Intern

Favorite Cupcake Flavor: Anything Chocolate
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Fun Fact: My brother and I share the same birthday, but we aren’t twins. I was born on his 7th birthday!